The Void VR Experience – Ghostbusters: Dimensions

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A year or so ago, I started to hear about this new type of virtual reality experience that was being developed in my local area called, “The Void”. The idea behind The Void is that while you’re in a virtual reality world, the things that you see are things that you can touch and interact with. You aren’t tethered to the wall like you are for most of the current virtual reality technologies and experiences that are out there today.

I’ve always been really fascinated by the idea of 3d and when virtual reality became reality, I’ve always wanted to know more about it. The Void is no exception and I really wanted to try it out. But every time I’ve visited the website, it hasn’t been ready. Recently it became available in New York or Dubai. That isn’t very close to where I live. But they are headquartered in Lindon, Utah which is about a 15 minute drive for me.

Last week, I was able to score 4 tickets to the Beta launch of Ghostbusters Dimension. I took a handful of friends and we went and had the time of our lives!

The experience is short. Only about 15 minutes in length total, including suit-up and suit-down times. But the experience is ridiculously immersive. If you’re interested in virtual reality experiences, this is the next big thing you’re going to want to try out! At the time when I went, the public was not able to buy tickets. In fact, I asked the dude manning the desk how I would go about getting tickets and he said the only way to get them was to know somebody who worked there (for the Lindon location). New York and Dubai are both open to the public already.

That all changed today. The tickets just went on sale to the public. They cost $25 per guest. And I highly recommend going. It’s a mind blowing experience.

I’ve done an in depth review and walkthrough of my experience at The Void on YouTube, you can check it out here:

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